Sedation Dentistry – Arlington Heights, IL

Helping Your Child Prepare for Dental Care

At All About Kids Dentistry, we understand that children can find it difficult to get their necessary dental treatments out of the way. Our team of dentists, which includes board-certified pediatric dentists and a dedicated board-certified dental anesthesiologist, is fully prepared to help your child stay at ease during their appointment. We offer varying levels of sedation dentistry, ensuring your child gets the catered and personalized care they need to maintain a healthy smile for life.

Why Choose All About Kids Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Fast-Acting Nitrous Oxide Available

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

A fast-acting solution for easing dental fear and anxiety, nitrous oxide is the most commonly provided form of sedation available to dental offices. Through a nasal mask, this gas is gently inhaled by your child during their treatment, creating a warm and calming sensation from the moment their treatment begins. It’s generally ideal for those who want to take the edge off their dental discomfort or if they have mild anxiety prior to their checkup. Once removed, they should be able to continue their day without interruption.